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The Quest, is about a journey all of us take, in some shape or form. It is the quest to understand self, the world, the universe, and in a sense the known and unknown aspects of life. At a deeper level perhaps the meaning of our existence or what we are here to do. So join me as I wander a bit across the landscape of the Lenormand cards, cartomancy, and various tarot and oracle decks. In and of themselves, they will reveal little, for it is only in combination with the mind, the heart, and that illusive aspect, the soul... that meaning is revealed.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Deck Interview: Oracle of Visions

The Oracle of Visions by Ciro Marchetti is an older deck, published in 2014 U.S. Games Systems.I find the images intriguing and enjoy reading with it. One of the interesting aspects is that none of the cards are "named." Every so often I like to revisit my decks and have a bit of a conversation with them. So let's get started.

What is the role you play in my life currently?  Card 41 is the lady in the mirror surrounded with masks...it is a card of self analysis, knowing ones self and exploration. This is an area I have been focusing on and I think the card is saying this deck can be useful in this endeavor.

What card sums up your current overall message to me? Card 8 is the goal setter. Gazing into the potion, wondering about his direction. "When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, them we truly live life." Greg Anderson  To me the overall message is....Be true to yourself and your dreams and goals.

What card tells me my primary weakness right now? Card 48 reversed. (This deck doesn't have reversed meanings per se). This is a card of choices, risks and consequences. I could read this one of two ways....it is indicating that I am fearful of risks or consequences OR I could read it as a card that says be careful of your risks and make sure you are taking them for the right reasons.

What card tells me my primary strength right now? Card 26, the past and future, fresh start card. I think as a strength card is is saying that I do a pretty good job of letting go of the past (or maybe learning from it) and that I move forward.

Message from the Universe?  Card 27...Attraction and seduction....doesn't have to be a person, could be a situation....be wary....the universe is saying...weigh carefully your actions and do not be mesmerized or act in haste.

Soul Message?   Card 50...this card represents the decks message directly to my soul, inner self, spiritual element. The mermaid card represents curiosity, comparisons and dissatisfaction. So often the lure of the world and the "what ifs" make us ignore the many blessings we have currently. The deck is reminding my soul that none of those things matter....enjoy life, cherish the days and find joy in small things.

I hope you enjoyed the conversation with my deck. If you don't have this particular one, check it out! 

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